Lingerie Strapless bra with color can choose light color or color that the color is more suitable for, but also can choose black oh, black is able to bear or endure look joker, every season is need the ornament Cheap lingerie black underwear, no matter what color you are wearing clothes, black underwear never go out of style, so choose it. The character of pure white skin is that cheek is easy to get red classics Cheap lingerie shadow and clothing color is tie-in Many Asian women said to me: they do not like your yellow skin. I say: yellow skin Plus size clubwear bad, just different from white skin. The problem is that you had no color education, not learn to choose to suit his yellow skin color clothes and cosmetics. Yes, the color is a science. Choose the right words, clothing color is tie-in skill 123 clothing styles and features of the first is often through color visual illusion, reasonable and harmonious color combination can often bring amazing visual effect, is refreshing. Generally speaking, the colour has the branch of depth and the changes in temperature. Dark is stable, calm, light color appear gentle, generous; Cool color appears calm, grave, especially hale small suit, is warm joker sheet is tasted, but not easy. If collocation trousers, very professional, but you will also figure bury you in clothes, slightly dull. And bust coat more general to the hips, waist line will be covered in clothes, to wear a sweater inside, the whole body is bloated. Dark-skinned people can choose the color more relaxed dress suit, the background is black, white, ash (this is the most easy to match the color of the all color can match and this three color). People with dark skin on the choice of clothes can choose the clothes have some slightly bright decoration, such as: lace, sequins, piping, stripes
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